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    Slope protection network


    Slope protective wire mesh

     The rock fall barriers and fences are composed of high strength wire grid mesh, the anchor, I-steel column, the drop-down anchor rope, the ring of energy dissipation, and the base of support rope from top to bottom, and other components. Rock fall protective fences protect the formation of the regional slope, and prevent the collapse of the rock fall.

    Steel rope consisted rock fall barriers defense system is flexible to intercept and strong enough to absorb and spread the rocking, and energy dissipation of the ring net help the system’s ability to further improve the impact resistance.


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    1.Electro galvanized,hot dip galvanized,PVC coated 
    2.Wire Diameter:2.0mm-4.0mm

     open: 300x300mm or other specifications as customer request
    Wire rope: 8mm,10mm,11mm...(6*19IWS or other constructions)
    panel size: 4mx4m...
    Material: hot-dipped galvanized with knots;


    spec. of wire mesh
    max. twistable wire diameter
    max. mesh width
    mesh no
    mesh size
    pvc covered wire
    60x80 mm
    BWG12 (2.80mm)
    3200 mm
    80x100 mm
    BWG11 (3.00mm)
    4000 mm
    BWG11 (3.00mm)

    1.Hexagonal mesh pattern critical points
    2.Double twist to avoid unraveling
    3.Reinforcing wires woven into corners to reinforce critical points
    4.A diaphragm securely attached at the base that will prevent the shifting of some and reinforce the gabion



    1.Channel Lining
    2.Retaining Walls
    3.Bridge Abutments
    4.Mechanically Reinforced Soil
    6.Culvert/Outlet Protection


    1.Flood bank or guiding bank
    2.Preventing of rock breaking
    3.Water and soil protection
    4.Bridge protection
    5.Strengthening structure of soil
    6.Protection engineering of seaside area


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