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    Pvc Corner Bead

    Pvc Corner Bead Pvc Corner Bead 

    Corner bead is a material that is used on the corners of walls in drywall construction to make the corners crisp and professional looking. In addition to making area look neater, it also reinforces the corners, making them less prone to denting and other types of damage. Most hardware stores carry it, and there are several different styles available for people to choose from, depending on the design of the structure and one's personal preferences.

    Width(mm) Thickness (mm) Max Length (m)
    60x60 0.3-0.5 3
    32x32 0.3-0.5 3
    50x50 0.3-0.5 3
    45x45 0.3-0.5 3
    30x30 0.3-0.5 3
    (selvage)60x60 0.3-0.5 3
    (selvage)32x32 0.3-0.5 3
    (hole)25x25 0.3-0.5 3
    (hole)32x32 0.3-0.5 3

    Designed for use on all rendered and plastered corners and reveals to produce a straight edge and provide protection against impact. Can also be used for internal plastering applications

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