braided stainless steel wire

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    Production capacity

    We have the unrivalled process connection,and several wiremesh workshop.Make the sophisticated equipment and spent heavily to build several lines.We have engaged in wiremesh for 20 years.We can supply 20 thousands rolls of welded wire mesh one day.Exported to more than 150 countries.We have our own galvanized wire production line,can produce 50 tons one day.And we also supply wire for more than 70% wiremesh manufacturers.We are the biggest wire supplier.

    20 years of grinding sword, product assimilation today, 
    Xunqiang Wiremesh Products Co.,LTD invited you to join the brand journey and experience the authentic good goods, cumulative to October 2014, we sold out of the fence to link 12,500 kilometers, of which 70% is far sold overseas, we do all service have a social responsibility are corporate culture. 

    All the wire mesh series products look the same, the same picture, products, models, and even uses the same, screen layout stereotyped class shops businesses, products and high repetition and poor aesthetics, squinting in the squandering.

    Welded wire mesh workshop:
    galvanized welded wire mesh buy  
     galvanized welded wire mesh manufacturer 

    King kong net plastic spraying + kong net between locomotive:
    galvanized welded wire meshes  

    The factory stone cage net shop:
    galvanized wire manufactures

    Architectural mesh workshop:

    Strong fast guardrail workshop:

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