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    Printing Mesh


    Specification Usage
    24T Beach towels, Pennant inks,Giltter inks, Thicker inks
    34T,32,36T, 39T, 43T Textile inks, Opaque inks textile, T-shirts
    49T, 48T,54T, 55T Textile inks, Finer textile design, Water based inks.
    62T, 64T,68T,72T Enamel inks, Very fine textile ink or course plastisol ink printing
    77T Paper & Board inks, & textile
    90T,100T Vinyl inks, Plastic inks, Plastisol inks,Solvent based)
    110T, 120T, 140T Halftone printing, Paper & Board Vinyl Plastic, Plastisol ect..
    150T,165T U.V. printing, or very fine halftone work, solvent inks

    • Premium Quality
    • 100% Polyester Monofilament Mesh
    • Low Elongation
    • Excellent Tear Resistance
    • Very Good Dimensional Stability
    • Faster tensioning without damage to the threads
    • Higher tension threshold and breaking point
    • Improved registration due to stable tension
    Rolling mesh on paper rubes, stick with label. Packed in plastic bags and then in cartons.


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