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    Polyester Grating

    Our Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Gratings has not only been engineered for strength, but also to overcome corrosion problems normally encountered in chemical, electronic, food, beverage, aircraft, automotive, plating and textile industries, where various corrosive products are used. These are areas wher metal gratings rapidly decline, causing a constant maintenance problem. Ventura gives a very high quality and attractive type of dustbins base which are highly durable and easy for fixing.

    What is FRP grating?
    Fibre-reinforced plastic / polymer (FRP), also known as firbreglass reinforced plastic grating is a composite material used in a wide array of construction industries. It consists of a mixture of fibreglass and resin that is made into one-piece panels or can be custom made to fit the unique shape of a floor. FRP can also be manufactured into various profiles such as I-Beams, Channels and Angles.

    Why use Permastruct?
    Permastruct products are Australia’s highest quality range of FRP products, manufactured and supplied by Perma Composites. Permastruct products range from grating to trench systems, from handrails to walkways, from flooring to fixings. The applications for Permastruct products include mining, industrial, commercial and marine to name a few.

    What are the benefits?
    • Low maintenance cost – the fibreglass and resin component make the product very hard wearing, reducing the need to maintain it.
    • Impact resistant – the flexibility and high strength to weight ratio of FRP allows for a greater load bearing capacity.
    • Reduced installation time – compared to other products, due to it being lightweight, FRP is easy to install which minimises the overall cost of construction.
    • Corrosion resistant – because steel is particularly susceptible to damage from the elements, FRP grating is a cost effective alternative, particularly in corrosive environments.
    • Fire retardant – FRP has a low flame spread, making a break out of fire less likely.
    • Non-conductive and non-metallic – FRP provides additional safety to your workplace because it may eliminate the risk of electrocution.
    • Environmental – products made from FRP composite have significant environmental benefits as they are low in weight, have good mechanical properties and possess high resistance to corrosion. This is especially beneficial in vehicles where a reduction of weight (due to the usage of FRP parts), will reduce a vehicle’s fuel consumption – thus limiting harmful emissions.

    Improve Safety & Reduce Maintenance Costs
    Permastruct FRP Grating is the ultimate industrial walking surface for factories, mine sites, oilrigs and platforms. Featuring an anti-slip surface rated to the highest levels of slip resistance ever measured, Permastruct FRP Grating is far stronger – and up to 60% lighter – than steel. Steel grating is prone to rust, corrosion and prone to damage, which means higher maintenance costs. Permastruct FRP Grating is strong, will not rust,is resistant to chemical corrosion, is non-sparking and non-corrosive – making it the ideal solution in any environment.

    What’s the difference between molded and pultruded grating?
    Moulded grating consists of square mesh patterns that resembles a chessboard. Pultruded grating is manufactured from a series of parallel bearing bars. The closer these bar are together, the stronger the grating will be. However, pultruded can only bear weight in the direction of the bearing bears, while moulded grating can support weight from any direction.

    Technical Information
    Standard Panel Size: 3660mm x 1220mm (custom sizes also available) Standard Mesh Sizes: Standard 32 x 32, Mini Mesh 12mm x 12mm, Micro Mesh 8mm x 8mm.
    Permastruct FRP Grating
    • R13 anti slip surface – more than twice as slip resistant as metal grating and three times more slip resistant than chequer plate.
    • Lightweight – 60% lighter than steel
    • Fire, corrosion and impact resistant
    • Non-magnetic • Maintenance Free
    • Easy to install with standard tools
    • 25 Year Warranty
    • Increased load bearing capability
    • Can be moulded or cut to any shape

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