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  • Paper Covered Wire

    Paper Covered Wire  Paper Covered Wire

    Paper covered wire
    Diameter: 18#-30#
    Packing: length as usual:20cm,30cm,36cm,46cm,20-60cm,50pcs/bag,100pecs/bag
    Color: more than 12 colors,the common color is white,dark green,light green
    Paper covered floral stem wire is used to strengthen and secure bunched flowers and greenery.Simply wrap around any flower stem.Also, can be used to wire bows onto arrangements, attach items to wreaths, or other craft projects.The higher the gauge the more flexible and thinner the wire.


    PET paper covered wire:

    Specification: 0.315mm-0.7mm
    Material: iron
    Color:Red, yellow, blue, green, etc.
    Use:Processing and production of handicrafts
    Production methods: With M-type metallic yarn wrapped around the iron wire formed on pet covered wire 




    You can choose what color you like form the color chart:


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