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    Mine Sieving Mesh


    Material: mainly is Stainless steel wire, High carbon steel, Mideum carbon steel, Low carbon steel, Galvanized iron steel, Black steel, PVC coated steel and other steel wire.
    Technical crafts: Plain weaving after being crimped, crimped methods including double crimp, intermediate crimp, lock crimp, flat top crimp, lock slot crimp and other methods.
    Wire Diameter: 0.3mm~2mm
    Hole Size: 1.5mm~50mm
    Hook: 60-180 degree, C hook available
    Hook Covered edge: galvanized metal or others


    Features and Applications of the Mine Sieving Wire Mesh
    It has the features of beatiful in structrue, strong and durable in use and wide applications.
    It is generally used in the aspects of mine, coal industry, petrochemical engineering, minerals extraction building and machinical industries.

    Mine Sieving Wire Mesh is mainly used in foodstuff, medicine, protecting, petroleum, metallurgy, arts and crafts, chemical, mechanical  and construction industries.

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