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                                 Hesco Bastion Wall                                                            Military bastion wall for sale

    Specifications :
    1) wire diameter: 3mm-5mm
    2) hole: 2''x2'', 3''x3'', 4''x4''
    3) Hesco size: 0.61x0.61m, 1.06x1.37m, 2.13x2.21m, other sizes can be produced as requested.
    4) Geotextile: In non-woven geotextile, color can be white, beige-sand color.
    We have many regular customers in many countries. We are look forward to cooperating with you. Welcome
    your inquiry.

    Mesh wire diameter 3mm,4mm,5mm,6mm etc
    Spring wire diameter 3mm,4mm,5mm,6mm etc
    Mesh size  50*50mm,50*100mm,37.5*100mm,60*60mm,65*65mm,70*70mm,76*76mm,80*80mm or 
    as your request.
    Panel Size 0.61*0.61m,1*1m,1.2*1.2m,1.5*1.5m,1.5*2m,2*2m, 2.21*2.13m or as your request.
    Finish Electro galvanized after welded
    Hot dipped galvanized welded 
    Galfan coated after welded
    Geotextile Heavy duty non-woven polypropylene
    Packing Wrapped with shrink film or packed in pallet

    1.smooth and tidy, uniform mesh, joints firm, the firm has a strong, corrosion resistance, etc.
    2. low-cost, easy to install, decorate the courtyard, ideal for green slope.
    3. a strong resistance to withstand natural weather damage and impacts.
    4. very good anti-stretch capability.
    5. field installation quick and easy and simple and beautiful structure, saving time and labor, and high efficiency.
    6. installation man-hours than the hexagonal gabion save 40%.Compared with hexagonal wire mesh, welded wire mesh can better maintain the "cage" .
    7. When the filler filled, welded wire mesh panel is not convex not concave, keep flat, hexagonal wire mesh is not the same as the drum up, so you can better.


    German base (Norwegian section) inside Camp Marmal near Mazar-i-Sharif, Afghanistan. Note the internal lines of gabions to reduce and compartmentalize mortar effects.

    Perimeter security and defence walls
    Equipment revetments
    explosive and contraband search areas
    Ammunition compounds
    Personnel and material bunkers
    Observation points
    Defensive firing positions
    Highway checkpoints
    Border crossing checkpoints
    Protection existing structures
    High way traffic management
    Flood control
    Water courses
    Emergency flood deployment
    Erosion control
    Retaining walls

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