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    Galvanized Wire

    Q195 wire rod---this type of wire rod has less impurities so it  very suit for drawing. Q195 material's chemical component is nearly same as SAE1008 and SAE 1006. Q195 material chemical component : 


    C≤0.07; S≤0.023; Si≤0.09; Mn≤0.32; P≤0.025.

    1 . Galvanized wire’s first stage is drawing


    there are two kinds of drawing machine: powder drawing and water drawing. powder drawing is fit for juniordrawing(6.5mm~4.0mm). One powder drawing machine has 4 tanks and 4 molds. One tank is matched with a mold. Each of them are offered energy by a electromotor. 0.9mm(max)can be “eat” when the wire cross a mold. There are no loss of weight during drawing.

    2 . Galvanized wire’s second stage is annealed


    Anneal is to low the tensile strength of wire . The stove is solid and built with red bricks. The architecture of anneal stove is cuboid . Different thickness of wire require different temperature . Range is from 700to 900 . Output of the anneal stove , the tensile strength is 400N~500N .

    3 . Galvanized wire’s third stage is chlorhydric acid washing


    After the draw and anneal, the wire is thinner, softer but also much more dirty. It needs chlorhydric acid washing to remove the impurities. Chlorhydric acid washing requires water pool and chlorhydric acid pool. The density of chlorhydric acid is 17%. In the Chlorhydric acid pool, there is a caldron used for the emission of vapor.

    Electro galvanized is a chemical reaction. One chlorhydric acid pool is enough. However, hot-dipped is a physical reaction, it needs two chlorhydric acid pool and two water pool for the preparation of galvanization.

    4 . Galvanized wire’s fourth stage: Zinc coating


    After the chlorhydric acid pool, water pool is also necessary. In the zinc pool, displacement reaction is chemical and uniformly distributed. The surface of wire is smooth. Because wire cross the zinc pool fast, abundant zinc coating requires 4 zinc pools.


    Packing :


    Inside plastic film , outside weaving bag . Coil weight 10 kg , 25kg , 50kg , 100kg , 500 kg or according to you . 



    galvanized wire for sale

    Wire diameter:
    Package: 25kg/roll,inside with plastic film,outside with weavon/hessian cloth.
    Production process: It is made of high quality low-carbon steel wire rod processed, high-quality low-carbon steel processed after drawing forming, acid rust, high temperature annealing, hot dip galvanizing, cooling process.
    Galvanized Esther: Galvanized iron wire has good toughness and flexibility, the highest amount of zinc can reach 300 g / square meter. Galvanized layer thickness, corrosion resistance and other properties.
    Application: The products are widely used in construction, handicrafts, preparation of wire mesh, highway fence, product packaging and daily civilian and other fields.

    Galvanized iron wire manufacturers

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