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    Fiberglass Window Screen


    Fiberglass Window Screen
    Fiberglass Window Screen (fiberglass insect screen) is one of the most important fiberglass screening products we offer for our customers. Fiberglass window screen is the substitute screening for metal insect screen with its excellent properties.

    We can supply window screen made of fiber glass yarn, under the process of plastic-coating, plain weaving, and high temperature-fixing.


    Fiberglass Window Screen offers good ventilation, good transparence, easy washing, anticorrosion, resistance to burn, strong-tensile force, long service life and other properties.self-adhesive fiberglass tape
    Fiberglass screening enjoys graceful and generous appearance, suitable for all sorts of airy in salvation and preventing insect and mosquito. It's widely used in construction, orchard, ranch etc as screening, fences or enclosure materials.
    Fiberglass Insect Screens are widely used in houses against mosquito and bugs, or even pets, if the fiberglass mesh is the heavy kind.

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