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    Fiberglass Corner Bead

     Fiberglass Corner Bead Fiberglass Corner Bead

    Fiberglass corner bead

    The products can be widely used in all kinds of construction projects,to make the constrction simply, to cut down cost,to the angle of the wall artstic but not to be damaged.Using the corner beads,you can do the construction in steps,also can enhance the construction efficiency two to five times.The primary worker can replace the intermidiate worker after using the corner beads.For example.if using the corner beads,you can make the time of the building project reduce from ten months to seven or eight months.I am sure that the corner of the wall will not be splitted except you damage it on purpose.

    1. The packing is 150 pcs per carton
    2. Length : 2M,2.5M
    3. Width: 20mm or 25mm   Width of PVC bead:2.0m or 2.5m
    4. Wing : 10mm
    5. Fiberglass mesh: 5X5mm ,or meeting customer's needing.
    6. Weight:145g/m2,160g/m2 

    Application:  Corner bead is mold and extruded with rigid PVC compounds, it can be used for exterior and interior wall corners to provide a rustproof, high impact resistant non-kinking corner. It's an ideal material for builders of stucco and plastering.
    Style: As your requirement
    PVC corner bead with fiberglass mesh has been widely used in all kinds of outdoor and indoor of building to protect the wall corner.
    PVC corner is molded and extruded with rigid PVC compounds. It can be used for exterior and interior wall corner. Various sizes are available with high quality standard.
    PVC corner has been widely used in all kinds of outdoor and indoor of building,major function is to protect the wall corner and anti-bumping, meanwhile save the cost of construction, speed up the construction process.

    1) Provide strong corner reinforcement for conventional plaster applications.
    2) Easy installation.
    3) Forms a continuous true, strong and straight external plaster corner
    4) Corner bead has flat and elegant appearance. It can reduce labor intensity,speed up the construction schedule and reduce the project cost.It is also widely used to protect wall corner against bump,etc.

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