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    Checkered Plate


    steel checker plate  (Q235B, Q345B, SS400, A36, S235JR, S355JR, S45C, S50C, A572, ST37, ST37-2,ST52)


    Width: 900-2500mm or 1000,1050,1250,1500,1800,2000mm


    or as customers’ special requirements;


    Length 2-12m or as customers’ special requirements;


    SS400, ASTM A36, A572,


    Q195, Q215, Q235,Q345,

    S235JR, S355JR, S45C, S50C


    GB/T709-2006, ASTM A36, JIS G3101, 

    DIN EN 10025, SAE 1045, ASTM A570


    Smooth, straight, bright, no blur on both ends


    Standard exporting packing or as client's requirement

    Material: galvanized iron (cold-plated and hot dip), stainless steel plate, aluminum alloy plate
    Thickness: 1-3mm
    Shape of the holes: round, herringbone, oval, etc.
    Specifications: according to customer requirements.
    Features: non-slip effect, beautiful appearance.

    non-slip net has good slip resistance and aesthetics, industrial plants, production plants, transportation facilities have a wide range of uses for the public spaces of the aisle, workshops, venues. Reduce the inconvenience caused slippery road surfaces, to protect personal safety and to facilitate construction. In special circumstances, to play an effective role in protection.

      Product Specifications:

    Specification Zinc coating Material   Specification Zinc coating Material
    0.25*1000*C 80 DX51D+Z 0.4*1250*C 80 DX51D+Z
    0.3*1000*C 80 DX51D+Z 0.42*1250*C 80 DX51D+Z
    0.35*1000*C 80 DX51D+Z 0.45*1250*C 225 S280GD+Z
    0.4*1000*C 80 DX51D+Z 0.47*1250*C 225 S280GD+Z
    0.5*1000*C 80 S280GD+Z 0.5*1250*C 80 SGCC
    0.5*1000*C 80 DX51D+Z 0.55*1250*C 180 S280GD+Z
    0.58*1000*C 80 DX51D+Z 0.55*1250*C 225 S280GD+Z
    0.6*1000*C 80 DX51D+Z 0.6*1250*C 80 DX51D+Z
    0.7*1000*C 80 DX51D+Z 0.65*1250*C 180 DX51D+Z
    0.75*1000*C 80 DX51D+Z 0.7*1250*C 80 DX51D+Z
    0.8*1000*C 80 DX51D+Z 0.7*1250*C 80 SGCC
    0.8*1000*C 80 DX53D+Z 0.75*1250*C 80 DX51D+Z
    0.85*1000*C 80 DX51D+Z 0.8*1250*C 80 DX51D+Z
    0.9*1000*C 80 DX51D+Z 0.9*1250*C 80 DX51D+Z
    0.98*1000*C 80 DX51D+Z 0.95*1250*C 80 DX51D+Z
    0.95*1000*C 80 DX51D+Z 1.0*1250*C 80 DX51D+Z
    1.0*1000*C 80 DX51D+Z 1.15*1250*C 80 DX51D+Z
    1.1*1000*C 80 DX51D+Z 1.1*1250*C 80 DX51D+Z
    1.2*1000*C 80 DX51D+Z 1.2*1250*C 80 DX51D+Z
    1.2*1050*C 150 CSB 1.35*1250*C 80 DX51D+Z
    1.4*1000*C 80 DX51D+Z 1.4*1250*C 80 DX51D+Z
    1.5*1000*C 80 DX51D+Z 1.5*1250*C 80 DX51D+Z
    1.55*1000*C 180 S280GD+Z 1.55*1250*C 80 DX51D+Z
    1.55*1000*C 180 S350GD+Z 1.6*1250*C 120 SGCC
    1.6*1000*C 80 DX51D+Z 1.6*1250*C 80 DX51D+Z
    1.8*1000*C 80 DX51D+Z 1.8*1250*C 80 DX51D+Z
    1.9*1000*C 80 DX51D+Z 1.85*1250*C 90 DX51D+Z
    1.95*1000*C 180 S350GD 1.95*1250*C 80 DX51D+Z
    1.98*1000*C 80 DX51D+Z 1.75*1250*C 80 DX51D+Z
    1.95*1000*C 180 S320GD+Z 2.0*1250*C 80 DX51D+Z
    1.95*1000*C 180 S280GD+Z 2.0*1250*C 120 SGCC
    2.0*1000*C 275 S350+Z 2.5*1250*C 80 DX51D+Z
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