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    Chain Link Mesh


    Chain link fence is simply a woven steel wire fence coated with zinc to prevent rust, commonly referred to as galvanized fence. There are two kinds of galvanized chain-link, GBW or GAW: galvanized before weaving (GBW) or galvanized after weaving (GAW). The vast majority on the market today is galvanized after weaving.
    Some chain link fence products use an aluminized coating to cover the steel in place of the zinc that creates a highly reflective finish. Regardless of the finish, all chain-link products offer a durable, economical fence system.
    Material: Galvanized iron wire or PVC coated iron wire.

    Weaving and Characteristics:
    • Galvanizing after welding, galvanizing before welding
    • The weaving is simple, artistic anc parctical.
    • Chain link fences are easy to work,bright color, easy to maintain.
    • Chain link netting are the first choose for beautifying the city environment.

    Surface treatment: PVC coated, PVC sprayed, electric galvanized, hot dipped galvanized.
    Packing: woven bags on the two ends, bulk or pallet


    1.>Commercial grounds (Corporation, hotel, supermarket);
    2.>Private grounds (Courtyard, Villadom);
    3.>Public grounds (Park, zoo, train or bus station, lawn);
    4.>Road and transit (Highway, railway or road city transit);
    5.>Used as fencing, decoration or protection for various facilities in industry, agriculture, infastructure, transport,etc.


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