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    Black Annealed Wire


    Wire diameter:
    Package: 25kg/roll,inside with plastic film,outside with weavon/hessian cloth.
    Process: The hot metal billet is rolled into wire rod of 6.5mm thick steel strip is then put into the drawing apparatus pulled into a different diameter line, and gradually narrow the pore size of the drawing tray, cooled, annealed, coated made from a variety of different specifications of wire and other processes. It contains the ingredients are: iron, cobalt, nickel, copper, carbon, zinc, as well as other elements.
    Features: Black wire has good elasticity and flexibility, and can control the hardness of the annealing process, made of high quality iron wire, mainly used in the construction industry as binding wire and binding wire. Wire No. 5 # -38 # (wire by 0.17-4.5mm)
    Purposes: Mainly used in construction, mining, chemical, welded mesh, welded hanger reprocessing. Annealed wire softened increase pliability, doing construction tie wire, steel banding effect more.

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